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Empowering Dyslexic Children for Success

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The immense gratitude I have for Susan McDonald is beyond words. Susan has worked with my 8 year old dyslexic daughter since February 2017 and the change in my daughter, Kate, is heart warming.  Kate has grown so much in not only her reading and sound abilities but her confidence has soared! They have a connection between the two of them. This connection keeps Kate wanting to work hard for Mrs Susan and excited!

Susan has structured lessons that she works on with Kate weekly. She is always prepared and goes above and beyond to ensure Kate is making the connections needed to ensure she is grasping the understanding of the lessons. Susan engages Kate’s senses to help bring sounds and words to life. From sound repetition, to song singing, to sand writing, air writing, arm taping, book reading, fluency work and so much more. Susan has an amazing ability to bring warmth, understanding and fun into a learning environment. There are giggles and structured, multi-sensory learning happening at the same time. This type of learning works wonders for my daughter and I am thankful everyday that Kate and Susan’s worlds collided.  J. Wood

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      Ten months ago, we were referred to Susan by our neighbor for her tutoring services. During this time, I have observed Susan demonstrate a high level of professionalism and dedication to the welfare of my children. Susan has the ability and confidence to work effectively with students who have a variety of learning struggles. Our family feels incredibly fortunate to have Susan tutoring on a weekly basis. My three children, who are clinically diagnosed with ADHD, ADD & Dyslexia, have consistently struggled with reading. Isabella, 9, is presently in the 4th grade. She plateaued midway during the 2nd grade and showed little-to-no growth up until now. Susan brought her up to a 4th grade level in only a few months. I was very impressed with her and decided to have Susan tutor our other two children as well.She has done everything she can for them! Susan has brought them material to use in class, meet with their teachers in order to educate them on the needs of a dyslexic child, and has set up a mother’s support group to teach us how to navigate the school system for our children’s complex issues with reading and understanding. Her knowledge is unprecedented! Almost immediately, she was able to help my children improve their reading comprehension and reading fluency skills. I believe that without her, my children would have been left far behind in the public school system.From the very beginning, I felt that she was very sincere in wanting to help my children be successful in reading and she has a true love for all children. In less than one month with Susan, we began to see some very positive changes in our daughter. She has so much more confidence now and it's truly wonderful to watch her enjoy school as opposed to dreading going everyday. We have been very pleased with her progress not only academically, but also how she has grown as a person. Susan is able to give students confidence in their academic abilities and help them overcome barriers to learning. Susan teaches in a positive, nurturing, student-centered environment, where her students are held only to the highest regard. CR-Mooresville Sept 2017

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